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We can get the status LIR for you and guarantee the assignment of /22 PA block, IPv6 block of addresses and AS.





To buy IP (IPv4) addresses, to sell IP (IPv4) addresses, to lease IP (IPv4) addresses, to rent IP (IPv4) addresses.
‚ÄčIP LEASING - IP TRANSFER - LIR SERVICES. IP4transfer Internet Services and Internet Service Provider

IP leasing - IP transfer - lir services

RIPE services - ARIN - LACNIC - APNIC zones

We can help you to get /22 IPv4 (1024 addresses) PA block, a big block of IPv6 addresses (from /32 up to /29) and your own AS (if it is necessary).



Selling of PI and PA addresses, Purchase of PI and PA addresses, rent of PI and PA addresses, lease of PI and PA addresses. IPv4 IPv6 and AS registration. RIPE objects support.