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As a Buyer, it is important to know the answers to some key moments:

  • The Buyer becomes the real owner of the IPv4 number block ONLY after the RIPE NCC confirmation.

  • If you purchase a grey network (the network put into SpamHaus black lists), the Buyer bears responsibility itself for the possible problems concerning its use. We can just advise you several steps which may help you to remove the network from the black list.

  • After carrying out of the purchase-sale transaction Buyer should be convinced that he knows passwords from all MNT (so-called keys) by which objects are closed. To avoid any nuances, we urgently recommend to change passwords for all MNT right after all transactions.

  • During the transaction the Buyer have to choose LIR. The hostmaster of the LIR sends all information to the RIPE NCC concerning the change of the network owner. Objects can be left on the support at present LIR.

  • If objects need a sponsoring LIR, we can help you to choose the LIR. We cooperate with several large Local Internet Registrators (LIR's).

If you have any questions, you can find the answers in the section FAQ or contact us.