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Legal change of IPv4 block owner

The cost of one single address on the market depends a lot of the customer and the purpose of the IP addresses. 
Please note that the cost of the network may depend on the remittance options. 
Our fee for the official renewal of the network may vary depending on the scope of work.

Block of addresses rent or lease

Rent and lease per month ranges from $0.5 up to $2 for one address. Final price depends on the needs, which are required under the address, and payment options.

AS registration

The cost of registration of an autonomous system is 100 €.

IPv6 registration

The cost of registration of /48 IPv6 block of addresses is from 300 up to 500 €.

RIPE objects support

The annual cost of one object support is 150 €. 

An autonomous system is considered a separate entity. The cost of support does not depend on network size. 

At the moment, for your convenience we can offer LIR support in different countries.


If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!